Best practices and procedure for ServiceNow upgrade

2 Jul 2019

ServiceNow is a cloud platform for IT Service Management. ServiceNow releases 2 versions per year and majority of the enterprises are facing challenges in upgrading their ServiceNow instance to the latest version. These challenges arise because of the complexities of the customizations, number of modules implemented in ServiceNow and lack of proper testing methodology to validate the upgrade

Five key factors for successful ServiceNow implementation

2 Jul 2019

As many enterprises are leveraging ServiceNow platform for process automation, accelerating the technology transformation, improving the process efficiencies and the customer experience, there are a few key aspects your company should follow for successful ServiceNow implementation and to put the platform to better use after the implementation.

Planning for HR Service Management delivery in ServiceNow

3 Jul 2019

ServiceNow is a powerful platform for HR Service Management for multiple organizations. Many enterprises are moving towards a comprehensive service management platform like ServiceNow for their HR needs. If you are planning to implement your HR Service Delivery solutions or migrate from your existing system, this document lists the important considerations for HR Service Delivery success