Create complex infrastructures without single points of failure

Developing complex infrastructures that are resilient to issues is no easy feat. It requires hardware to be networked in a way that can respond to breakdowns, service overload, and maintenance issues.

With Additional IP, you can create complex infrastructures that are able to withstand a wide variety of issues. For example, you can switch your existing infrastructure to a load balancer without disrupting or interrupting your customer services. Workloads can be balanced autonomously, while your online space continues as normal. There will be no noticeable IP address changes as you will always use Additional IP, which means no DNS propagation delay.

Host multiple websites on the same instance

For most online projects, hosting more than one website is a business essential. For any kind of dynamic web page — such as a blog, online store, or membership portal — it is likely that you will need an admin page as well as a public-facing website to deal with ongoing changes. Or if you support multiple languages, you will need multiple webpages. Additional IP allow you to keep your websites on the server, but without the risk of excessive downtime or website crashes due to overloads.

You can host multiple websites on a primary server by using two Additional IPs. Some of your websites can be hosted on one, and the rest on another. When one server isn’t powerful enough to host the website for both IPs, you can get a new server, then switch the routing of one Additional IP to the new server. This relieves the primary server of the heavy workload, so it can be operational again.

Grow your business

Growing your storage, expanding clusters and other changes that promote business growth come with a risk of downtime, which can cost your business dearly in sales and reputation. With Additional IP, you can curb the risk of downtime altogether. By following the steps to integrate an Additional IP system for your projects, you can expand your infrastructure with uninterrupted performance on each of your websites.
Importantly, Additional IP is highly customizable and therefore can be used to solve business goals. For example, with IP Announcement services, you can announce multiple geolocations for your IP addresses. This is incredibly important for SEO optimization, as it considerably improves the ranking of your projects in the most popular search engines.

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