ServiceNow workflow – A sample Script to update all the catalog tasks with work notes

The following code can be used in the run script activity of the workflow to update the work notes or any other fields of all the catalog tasks [Conditionally we can update the catalog tasks as well] var catalogTaskGR = new GlideRecord(‘sc_task’); catalogTaskGR.addQuery(‘request_item’, current.sys_id); catalogTaskGR.query(); while( { catalogTaskGR.work_notes = “The ServiceDesk team has started working […]

Credential Management in ServiceNow discovery

Service now is an agent less discovery mechanism that we use to populate CMDB with critical assets and applications in support of business services.  To accomplish these goals, the use of specific credentials is needed to access the client’s systems. Credentials are stored in your ServiceNow instance or in the case of Windows systems they […]