Storage Area Network

A Storage Area Network (SAN) in the context of cloud computing refers to a network architecture that enables the connection of remote storage devices to servers in a way that the storage appears as locally attached to the operating system. In the cloud, this typically involves using cloud-based storage services and networking infrastructure to create a virtualized and distributed storage environment. Easy-to-use, affordable storage-area network (SAN) storage with advanced capabilities to integrate into your existing infrastructure, or start a new one. Additionally, cloud providers may offer specific features and optimizations for their respective storage services, so the details can vary between platforms. Organizations considering the use of cloud-based SANs should carefully review the capabilities and characteristics of the specific cloud storage services provided by their chosen cloud provider.

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Direct Attached Storage

Direct-Attached Storage (DAS) is a type of storage architecture where the storage devices are directly connected to a single server or a computer without going through a network. In a DAS configuration, the storage devices, such as hard disk drives (HDDs) or solid-state drives (SSDs), are physically attached to the server or computer’s storage controller. This connection is typically established using interfaces like SATA (Serial ATA), SAS (Serial Attached SCSI), or USB.JBODs and expansion units provide flexible, cost-effective, high-capacity storage. Ideal for space constrained environments and cost-sensitive customers.LearnMore

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