Avoid the chaos in the IT Operations and Infrastructure by maturing your service operations with service delivery and mapping. A mature IT Operations Management process, polices stop outages before they start. Conyx’s Solutions can help you implement IT Operations Management solutions on the ServiceNow platform leveraging the following ServiceWatch components

Discovery – Create accurate, up-to-date single system of record for your infrastructure. Identify CIs, map inter dependencies, and maintain records in a central database

Service Mapping – Discover and map relationships between IT components that comprise specific business services

Event Management – Provide automated alerts from infrastructure events captured by third-party monitoring tools

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Orchestration – Automate IT processes, configure business services, and remediate service issues

Cloud Management – Enable the provisioning, configuration, and the ability manage the cost of public and private cloud services and infrastructure

  • Make you CMDB service-aware
  • Easily detect and diagnose service issues
  • Restore services more quickly
  • Reduce the risk of planed changes
  • Enhance self-service
  • Strengthen governance